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    Leasehold vs Fee Simple

    Many people are confused when they see the real estate terms Leasehold (LH) and Fee Simple (FS) when describing Hawaii real estate or maybe they don’t even notice at 1st, but these two terms are very important when purchasing real estate in Hawaii. To put it simply: Leasehold You are only purchasing the structure and […]

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    $800,000 homes on Oahu?

    There was an article in the Honolulu Advertiser a few weeks ago about the median single-family home price on Oahu going to around $800,000 by 2015. Which is good news for those who already own a home, but bad news for those of us looking to buy in the future. With low interest rates and […]

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    Why real estate is a great investment

    There was recently an article in the Honolulu Star Advertiser titled “Use leverage to boost your returns” and it reminded me of the reason I got into real estate in the first place, leverage. The book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was the first book I read about real estate which really simplified this leverage principal. […]

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